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What is Krush?

Nowadays millennials think they are cool and use English words for everything. “To have a crush” is the most used concept when referring to that platonic love, that special person for you, the one you love, the one you can’t stop thinking about, but who, most probably, you won’t have a relationship with.

We know that it is hard to find the love of your life, but even harder to find your business partner.


To provide an efficient and centralised project management platform.

Establish strategic alliances and expand the client and project base.

– Attract and retain talented partners.

– Implement and promote the Krush method for successful project execution.

– Apply innovative technologies to optimise the platform and improve the user experience.

– Expand Krush’s presence nationally and internationally.

– Maintain strong profitability and steady growth.

– Continuously improve Krush’s platform and services.

– Contribute to the development and advancement of the engineering and innovation industry.

We collaborate with different companies to offer a better service

Reviving and simplifying project management.
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