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External department

You don't have a project, but need a whole team of professionals for an entire department?
No worries.

The service of having an external department of professionals in innovation, marketing, sales, R&D and management is an additional advantage offered by Krush to its clients. This allows companies to access a team of experts in different areas, without the need to hire full-time staff or manage these departments in-house. 

By opting for this service, companies can benefit from the following:

Expertise and specialised knowledge

Krush's external team is composed of professionals with experience in their respective areas. This makes it easier to coordinate the team, assign responsibilities, and track progress, leading to smoother, more efficient execution.

Flexibility and scalability

As an external department, companies can adapt the number of professionals and the services required according to their needs at any given time. This allows for greater flexibility and the possibility of scaling resources according to specific projects and objectives.

Cost savings

Hiring an external department can be more cost-effective compared to maintaining full-time in-house staff. Companies can reduce costs related to recruitment, salaries, benefits and training, while gaining access to highly skilled professionals.

Strategic focus

Krush's external team focuses on providing strategic solutions and measurable results. Their experience and expertise enables them to develop effective strategies and implement concrete actions to drive business growth and success.

Objective view

By not being directly part of the company, Krush's external team can provide an unbiased and objective perspective. This can be valuable in identifying areas for improvement, spotting opportunities and making strategic decisions based on data and analysis.

Having an external department of innovation, marketing, sales, R&D  and management professionals gives companies access to specialised expertise, flexibility, cost savings and an objective strategic view. This allows them to make the most of growth opportunities and remain competitive in a constantly changing business environment.


At Krush, we are committed to promoting the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE).

We believe in the importance of generating a positive social impact and contributing to the sustainable development of the community in which we operate.  Through our SSE projects, we seek to foster cooperation, equity and the active participation of the different actors involved.


community initiatives

We work closely with local communities to identify and develop projects that address specific needs. We are committed to promoting social inclusion, equal opportunities and empowerment of the most vulnerable groups. Our approach is based on active community participation, ensuring that proposed solutions are appropriate and sustainable in the long term.


social entrepreneurship

We support and advise social entrepreneurs who seek to generate positive change in society. We offer specialised consultancy services to help them in strategic planning, developing sustainable business models and obtaining financing. Our goal is to promote the creation and consolidation of social enterprises, thus contributing to the growth of the social and solidarity economy.


Strategic alliances
with SSE organisations

We establish alliances and collaborations with other SSE organisations to develop joint projects. Through these partnerships, we seek to leverage our efforts, share knowledge and resources, and promote the creation of support networks in the field of the social and solidarity economy. We value networking and collaboration as a means to achieve greater impact and common goals.


Awareness raising and dissemination

We recognise the importance of raising awareness of the principles and values of the social and solidarity economy. We organise events, workshops and informative talks to educate the community and promote understanding and participation in the SSE. We also use our communication platforms to disseminate inspiring stories and success stories related to the social and solidarity economy.

At Krush,

we believe that Social and Solidarity Economy projects are a powerful tool to build a fairer and more sustainable world. We are committed to promoting and contributing to the growth of this sector, generating a positive impact on society and fostering the transformation towards more inclusive and equitable economic models.

If your project resonates with any of these keywords, this is the place for you.

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