Do you consider yourself an innovative and disruptive person/company? You put the concept and we the rest.

Learn about

the Krush method

If you are looking for a serious working relationship, this method is the key.


Do you know what you are looking for?

It is time to define the project and choose which path to follow. It is also important to choose partners.


01. Project fiche

02. Strategic DNA

03. Team


How much is the cake going to cost you?

The next step is to define what resources you have and what your life plan is.


01. Project charter

02. Work Breakdown Structure

03. Gantt Chart (Timeline)


Let’s get to work?

When everything is defined, moving forward on the basis of the plan is much simpler, in theory. And if not, put a Project Manager in your life to help you.


01. Project Management

02. Tracking and periodic reports

03. MVP - Product

04. Launching campaign


Moving from paper to action?

Let’s make sure we have created a good product! If not, don’t let the booby-trap go to hell, it can be reversed.


01. Marketing plan + Difussion

02. Roadmap sales + Trading

03. Validation

04. Lessons learn + Results

Advantages of the Krush method

What is the best? WE CENTRALISE ALL YOUR PROJECTS and provide you with all the tools you need to manage them.

Efficiency in project management

The Krush method offers a clear and organised structure that optimises the project management process. This helps to minimise execution times, maximise resources and ensure proper planning and tracking of tasks. Whatever the size of the project, Krush makes it easy.

Simplifying execution

Krush simplifies project execution by providing clear guidelines and standardised procedures. This makes it easier to coordinate the team, assign responsibilities and track progress, resulting in smoother and more efficient execution.

Reducing friction

The Krush method focuses on identifying and resolving potential obstacles or frictions that may arise during the execution of a project. This allows you to anticipate potential problems and take preventative measures to ensure that the project proceeds smoothly. With a secure payment system that is integrated, flexible and tailored to the needs of the project, problems are minimised.

Improved quality and results

By following the Krush method, quality standards are set and a culture of excellence in project execution is promoted. This translates into high quality end results, meeting established objectives and client expectations.

Automation and optimisation

The Krush method leverages technology and automation to optimise project management processes. This includes the use of digital tools, specialised software and information systems that streamline and improve the efficiency of project-related tasks.

Focus on innovation

Krush encourages the integration of innovation at every stage of the project. Improvement, creativity and the search for novel solutions are constantly sought to address challenges and generate additional value for the client.