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How does it work?

Complete your profile:

As a partner, you need to complete your profile on the platform.

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This involves selecting and highlighting your relevant skills and knowledge, uploading a professional photo for your profile and going through the Checklist Centre to make sure your profile meets the quality requirements.

Search for jobs that fit you:

Thanks to Krush's artificial intelligence, you will find available jobs that match your skills and knowledge.

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The platform will optimise your search filters to maximise your job opportunities. n addition, you can save your search and receive alerts when jobs relevant to you become available.

Write your best offer:

To increase your chances of being selected for a project, it is important that you write an attractive offer.

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Read the project details carefully and show the client that you understand their instructions and requirements. Highlight why you are the best choice for the job in question. Remember that writing a customised bid for each project is more effective than using the same one over and over again.

Get the project awarded and win:

Once you have been contracted for a project, get ready to start work.

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Deliver high-quality work, meeting deadlines and requirements. At the end of the project, you will receive the agreed amount as compensation for your services.

What is the Krush Method?

If you want to innovate and be our Krush, you have to follow our method.









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